3 Reasons To Get A Used Semi-Truck

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With so many benefits, being a truck driver is a rewarding career, but if you are just starting out, you may not be sure if it is your dream job. Therefore, instead of blowing a bunch of money on an over-priced brand new semi-truck, you must consider getting a used one. If you aren't quite sure if a used truck is the way to go, you must check out these three reasons to get a used freightliner truck instead of buying new or leasing.

26 October 2017

The Benefits Of Keeping An Auto Maintenance Log

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The best way to help your car last as long as possible and avoid unexpected repairs is to properly maintain your car. However, there are many different parts to your car and each has its own maintenance needs. Keeping an auto maintenance log can be beneficial. While it can be time-consuming, there are many benefits associated with keeping a log of all of the maintenance you have had performed on your car.

25 October 2017

Taking Action When Your Car Overheats

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Having access to a reliable vehicle ensures that you will easily be able to travel from place to place. While the mechanical systems that are responsible for powering your vehicle typically run smoothly, there is the possibility that these systems could fail and compromise the safety and performance of your car. One of the signs that you can watch for when determining how well your vehicle is running is a change in the temperature gauge reading.

25 October 2017

How Parking Apps Make Your Life Easier

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One of the big disadvantages of driving is hunting for parking places in a busy city. If you're going to an event in an unfamiliar city, you may have no idea where parking garages are located or where you can legally park on the streets. The easiest way to deal with parking difficulties is to use a parking app. You can download nationwide or worldwide apps that cover many major cities, or you might find an app dedicated to the city you live in.

24 October 2017

3 Things To Look For When Buying A Used Car

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If you are thinking about buying a used car, you could be a little bit concerned about buying a car that you can count on. After all, even though you might like the pricing of a used car, you could be concerned that a used vehicle isn't going to be as reliable as a brand new one. Luckily, if you look for a few certain things when buying a used car, you can help ensure that you get a car that you will be happy with.

23 October 2017

Is Replacing A Cracked Windshield Necessary?


You have probably seen cars with cracked windshields. Some drivers do not think it is a big deal if they can see out of the window. However, it could be a safety hazard that could have an impact on their insurance. If you have a cracked windshield and have not replaced it yet, here is what you need to know: Why Does It Matter? The windshield is more than a glass you can use to see outside of your car.

19 October 2017

Three Questions To Help You Decide If You Should Do Your Own Brake Replacements

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If your brakes are screeching and squealing, that's usually a sign that they need to be replaced. You can take them in and have a professional do your brake replacement, or you can try to do it yourself. Here are three questions to consider if you're thinking about doing it yourself. Do You Have the Tools You Need? First and foremost, you need the right tools to do a brake replacement.

18 October 2017