How Parking Apps Make Your Life Easier

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One of the big disadvantages of driving is hunting for parking places in a busy city. If you're going to an event in an unfamiliar city, you may have no idea where parking garages are located or where you can legally park on the streets. The easiest way to deal with parking difficulties is to use a parking app. You can download nationwide or worldwide apps that cover many major cities, or you might find an app dedicated to the city you live in. Features vary according to the app you choose. Here are some of the ways a parking app makes your life easier.

Locate Parking Areas and Compare Prices

A parking app can help you find parking areas and rank them according to price. For instance, if you're going to a beach, you want to park in authorized spots or you may come back to your car to find it towed away. An app lets you know where lots are located as well as the locations of metered parking. Knowing the prices in advance helps too since you may want to avoid an expensive lot price if you're only going to be at the beach for a short time such as to watch a sunset.

Guidance To The Spot With GPS

Some apps provide GPS guidance to the parking spot you choose. This could be extremely helpful when you are in a strange city and have no idea where you are going. This can save a lot of time driving in circles looking for parking spaces and it can even save you from becoming lost in a tangle of one-way streets. If you're going to an important meeting, using a parking app can make sure you get there on time rather than being late because you can't find a place to park.

Monitor Your Parking History

If you pay for parking frequently, you might find tracking useful. You may find that paying hourly or daily rates costs you more than if you pay a monthly rate at a lot. Once you analyze your parking history, you can decide on the best way to spend your money. The app may even help you make the decision by ranking the parking choices by distance to your location. Apps like this can provide other information too, such as a countdown alert that lets you know when your parking time is soon to expire so you can move your car on time.

Reserve Parking In Advance

If you want to make sure you have a parking space for an important job interview or sporting event, then use an app that lets you reserve a parking spot in advance. This eliminates the worry of hunting down a parking space since you'll already have one locked in. Some apps reserve a spot when you start looking for a space and others can reserve a spot several days in advance. You can reserve and pay for your spot through the app.

Pay The Meter

Parking apps usually let you know the type of payment that is required for the parking spot you choose. If you park for a short time, you may fumble with feeding a parking meter quarters or dollars. If your city uses a parking app for its meters, you can pay through the app instead. This eliminates the frustration of finding a great parking space only to find out you don't have any change or cash on hand. Plus, if an appointment takes longer than you expected, you can add more money to the meter remotely rather than having to dash back to the meter.

Once you start using parking apps, you'll wonder how you managed without them. They are easy to use and they make parking a much less stressful experience.


24 October 2017

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