Taking Action When Your Car Overheats

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Having access to a reliable vehicle ensures that you will easily be able to travel from place to place. While the mechanical systems that are responsible for powering your vehicle typically run smoothly, there is the possibility that these systems could fail and compromise the safety and performance of your car.

One of the signs that you can watch for when determining how well your vehicle is running is a change in the temperature gauge reading. A car that is overheating is serious cause for concern, and here are three important steps that you should take to help prevent serious damage if your vehicle begins to overheat in the future.

1. Check coolant levels.

Your vehicle is equipped with a coolant system that is designed to help dispel the heat generated during normal operation. The coolant system relies on antifreeze circulating throughout the engine bay to help absorb and dispel heat, so having adequate antifreeze in your coolant system is critical.

If you notice that your vehicle is starting to overheat, pull over and check coolant levels. Add more antifreeze to the coolant reservoir if levels are low, and this could bring your car's operational temperature back down to a safe level.

2. Stop running your car's AC.

Having access to air conditioning in your vehicle can make driving on a hot day more bearable. Unfortunately, operating your car's AC system also puts a serious strain on your vehicle's engine.

If you notice the temperature gauge on your dash beginning to climb, immediately turn off the air conditioner to reduce the demand on your engine. Allowing the engine to run without the added strain of operating your car's AC system could prevent serious overheating from damaging delicate engine components.

3. Turn on the heater.

Finding ways to remove heat from your vehicle's engine bay is critical when it comes to troubleshooting a car that has started to overheat. Once you have turned off your air conditioner, you should blast the heater in your car to help dispel any heat that has started to build up inside your engine bay.

Driving with the heat blowing at full force on a hot day could be uncomfortable, but it could be an effective way to reduce temperatures in your engine bay to safe levels and prevent serious damage to your car.

Having the ability to take immediate action once your car starts to overheat will help you avoid serious mechanical complications caused by excessive heat within the engine bay in the future. Contact a shop like Wolfe's Foreign Auto for more information and assistance. 


25 October 2017

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