The Benefits Of Keeping An Auto Maintenance Log

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The best way to help your car last as long as possible and avoid unexpected repairs is to properly maintain your car. However, there are many different parts to your car and each has its own maintenance needs. Keeping an auto maintenance log can be beneficial. While it can be time-consuming, there are many benefits associated with keeping a log of all of the maintenance you have had performed on your car. Here are a few of the benefits associated with keeping an auto maintenance log:

Helps You Track What Has Been Done

The biggest benefit associated with keeping an auto maintenance log is that it helps you to keep track of what services and repairs your car has received. There are many different parts in your car, and each part needs its own maintenance. And unfortunately, many maintenance services may sound alike. You may think that you had a service done on one part only to learn it was done on another part. If you use the same mechanic all the time, they may track this for you. But if you go to different mechanics or want to keep track of what was done yourself, using your own log can help you. 

Can Help the Resale Value of the Car

Another benefit of keeping an auto maintenance log is that it can help with the resale value of your car. If you can prove to a dealership or potential buyer that your car has been properly and meticulously maintained, they may be willing to spend more for your vehicle. This is because cars that are properly maintained have a longer lifespan than those that were not. Keeping records, along with receipts, can help you prove this to buyers. 

Allows You to Budget for Auto Maintenance

The last benefit to keeping an auto maintenance log is that it may help you budget for auto maintenance. When you keep a log, you can see what services have been performed and at which frequency. You may need an oil change every 5,000 miles. For some people, that's every three months, while for others, that's every six months. Keeping a log helps you to see what services you routinely get and how frequently they are needed, so you can budget for these expenses. 

An auto maintenance log can be handwritten in a notebook or can be kept online. Learning the benefits of keeping these records can help you decide if it is worth your time or not. 


25 October 2017

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